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The brake cable was not so easy took me a good 2 hours to hook back up
For some odd reason the right rear Park brake cable became unhooked and was just hanging there, so I finally got around to it (very tedious)

I had to remove the left rotor loosen the brake cable and try to refit the cable and hook together, finally I did it after I ran out of vulgarity...

Took some pics of the procedure hope this helps someone down the road.

1 pic shows the cable disconnected the next

2-3- show the progression from removing the caliper make sure you hang it with a coat hanger don't let it dangle

4-removing the rotor

5-6- the cable without and with the cover housing

7-where the cable has to go to refit into the hook for the park brake

8-location of where the two have to join not easy

9-where to loosen the park brake cables

10- the finished product PHEW!!!
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