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348 or 355

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I am trying to decide which model is better in terms of reliability and overall ownership experience. I have a couple of other "toys" and the ones I enjoy the best seem ti be the ones that are the easiest to keep on the road. Understanding that both are still Ferrari's, and all that that entails, anybody have any reccomendations? :roll:
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beat a dead horse

Welcome to the forum, it's always good to see a new name. Not to beat a dead horse (well yes) but I also agree with all of the above. I would choose the F355 which I believe is more reliable than the 348 (which I hear can have some problems). I knew the F355 was a damn good Ferrari but never one of it not the best. Well that's what I like about this place, hearing others opinions and learning at the same time. Please let us know which car you pick. Reguardless or your choice I'm sure we can offer assistance in any questions you may have once you have it (ie maintance, other tibits). Again welcome to FF and we hope to hear more from you.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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