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For whom it may be of interest, have seen a 348 GTC and an 348 Competitione Corsa Michelotto for sale in Germany.
348 GTC is # 4 of 50 and has covered only 14000 km.
an oppertunity i think, the Michelotto 348 has seen 11 examples ever made, but this a track only Ferrari ofcourse.

Now i don't want to stir up the moderator here by creating free advertisement for someone else, but both cars are for sale in germany.
if the moderator approves may include a link.

I'm just intrigued by the 348 GTC don't you think so too?
a Ferrari not for the faint hearted, since even the stock 348 needs a firm hand too..

here a picture of the actual Michelotto... ;-)


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