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Hello on to all. After a long time deciding, just purchased a 348tb. I am quite convinced I got one the very best 348s left on the market.

Its a 1992 coupe with 5100 original miles on it, major $7800 service performed at Ferrari less than two years ago, with all belts replaced and engine out. I found the car in San Diego almost by accident and new it had to be the one. It is showroom condition mint in and out. Not the smallest scratch outside, blemish on the leather or dash, no sticky parts, not a single rubber seal that has dried out or is cracked. Absolutely perfect. Drives like a dream. Paid 52K for it and, having gotten a car that is literally in showroom condition, I don't think it was a bad deal. If you'd like to see pics of the car, I'd be glad to post some :)

The only thing I'd like to do to it is repair the open/close mechanism of the driver's side air vent (to the left of the instrument cluster) that has the butterfly mechanism jammed.. The only problem is I cannot get it out. I took the car to the Ferrari/Maserati service here in San Diego and they too had no idea how to remove the small air vent... screw driver from the bottom and/or up pushing it outwards, to the sides... we tried all tricks to the point of nearly breaking the thing. No one knows how this thing comes out. Does anyone know what the trick is to get the little plastic vent out?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Michael :)
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