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348 Check Engine 1/4 Light

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My check engine 1/4 light has come on and it sounds like the car is only running on 4 cylinders. Can anyone advise me on how to trouble shoot this?

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Yep - take it to a mechanic that is used to dealing with Ferraris.

I know that's probably not what you wanted to hear - but while you may fancy fixing most things you really don't want the engine going bang. :ugh:

Well - not unless you enjoy paying extremely large bills.

Forgive my negativity - but the potential expense involved with things going wrong in the engine frightens the life out of me. Anything else I can live with, but not the engine.
Normally it's the sensor at the CAT that will cause this. But I agree with Basil, take it to a Ferrari guy and let him diagnose and repair it for you. Better spend a bit than try to be smart and end up witht a big bill.
Do you have an sports exhaust system , and therefor removed the catalycators?
If thats the case, you just remove the plugg from the (brain)on each box were the sensors from your exaust pipe are connected. Because this warning light is for protecting your catalysators.
If you have catalysators, check your sensors and their connection. You can try to take them out of the exaust pipe and rubb them with a fine sandpaper and put them back.
Thanks, I have a tubi stainless exhaust but left the cats in place. I pulled off the MAF sensors and reconnected as well as a couple of other easy disconnects and now it seems to be running fine. I'm not sure if it was a loose or bad connection or if it was just dumb luck.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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