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I'm sure this is a repost. Well, kinda sure.

Great article:

Check out the main page as well. Lots to be learned!
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Yea, I spend a lot more time there than I should.
It's been a long time since I've seen a "prototype" run. The last time was in 1992. I was helping run a Formula Atlantic at Watkins Glen in upstate New York. Awesome track and a fun weekend. They were running the GTPs as the primary race, the Atlantics, FF2000 (the first time a VanDiemen showed up), and NASCAR.

The Mazda RX-792P was there. We were in the infield working on the Atlantic (Swift DB4) and then we all looked up to the sky upon hearing what sounded like loud jet. Stepping out from under the awning and seeing nothing we just looked at one another. Then it his us. It was something out on the track. We dropped everything right there on the ground and ran to the fence. Then coming off turn one down the hill was one of the coolest race cars I'd ever seen or heard. Blue and silver. Sounding like nothing else on the track. The Mazda. That thing was COOL!

A friend of mine, Jeff Harrison, who was in England racing Formula Vauxhall in 91 was able to see the Mazda Mazda 787B win LeMans. He said it was so loud that you could hear it no matter where it was on the track. The drone of the Rotary was so pervasive he said that in the middle of the night when the car would pit he would wake up.

Here is a crazy site for the Rotary addict:

That's when "Prototypes" were at their best.
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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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