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As far as I know the only 3x8 series cars to run the TRX 390mm rims were the early injected, two valve 308's(US specs). There may have been some produced on the early QV's but in my experience it is the QV16" rim that everybody is using to replace their 14' and 390mm TRX rims with.

The style of rim changed again when the 328 came out and to the best of my knowlege all are 16". I believe in 1988 or 89 the 328 was equipped with the ABS braking which changed the 328 wheel from concave to convex to make room for the new brakes.

Personally I like the early 328 better. All of the 328's are the pinnacle of the 3x8 series design. The best driving and most refined with most issues of the earlier 3x8 series designed out. A well maintained 328 is very dependable in relation to most other ferrari models. Wouldn't mind having one myself.

One note; Starting in 1984 Ferrari started using rust prevention in their cars so it should help a little with possible rust issues.
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