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328GTS steering adjustment possible ?

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Hi to all,

as first time poster, just a few things:
I am looking to buy a 328GTS in Benelux area (am from Belgium) and I am slowly but surely doing a lot of research (such as going through this forum).

One of my constraints (besides money of course) is that I am 1.88m tall.

Therefore, a 328 is always going to be a tight fit.

I tried sitting in a 328GTS recently, and it just went. However, the steering wheel was quite close just not touching my leggs. The salesperson told me that it is possible to adjust the steering wheel with a sort of extension piece so that it sticks out more towards the driver and therefore is further away from your leggs.

Any 328 owners have this or know about this ?

Other than that, any good advice on 328 cars is appreciated (apart from what's already in the forum) and any good offers in Benelux area as well.

All the best,

P.S. posted this message already to DJ Dirk in PM.
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The std steering-column adjustment on a 328 should be able to move the wheel both up/down and in/out. Did you try pulling it outwards as well as up?

Hi, tried the up down and that worked, also tried pulling in, but didn't work...

either didn't pull hard enough or it was already at the end of extention..

Question also came to me as I noticed a car for sale on (in Germany) that advertised that they could adapt the car for taller drivers by using a 'Lenkraddistanzring' which would translate as steering wheel distance ring (don't know if an English word exists for this)...

So, this weekend I will try again to check if the steering wheel is adjustable in 4 directions.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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