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Firstly, the 328's were the beginnings of a "world" car for Ferrari - in other words, very little modifications were needed to make the car conform to different market regulations.

If you've seen "hybrid" cars, they'll be most likely have been made into such by the owners (prefering the subtle differences of Euro cars, like you mention, aero mirrors, etc). I don't put any less or greater value on this, only if you like the way it looks. Be aware of poor work behind these modifications, so look thoroughly and get it checked out in an inspection before buying (universal requirement with ANY Ferrari).

Your note #4, those little red lights on Euro cars are rear fog lamps. A requirement in many markets (Europe specifically). I think it should be included here in North America, in addition to the third stoplight. I'm sure it wouldn't be a penalty if the car had them when its brought into North America. I've seen many Euro cars (Jag for example) here in Canada, that had them and owners used them.

If you need the car to pass Cali emissions and have Imperial measurements for the gauges, I totally suggest you stick with a complete U.S. 328. That'll be the wisest choice.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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