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I'm considering purchasing my first Ferrari and have some questions regarding the available choices in the 328 GTS. For the same year (ie. 1986), I've seen 2 major offerings which I've assumed would be either US or Euro specific. However, I have seen some US models with what I figured were European options. Here are the aesthetic differences that I have noticed:

1. Front fog/parking lights different.
2. Euro side view mirrors look more aerodynamic.. not like the large rectangular flaps on the US model. The Euro model also has the yellow Ferrari crest on each mirror.
3. US model has a third brake light in the rear window, whereas the Euro model does not.
4. Euro model has 2 small additional red lights in the rear bumper just outside each set of exhaust pipes.. I can only assume that they are the Euro equivalent of the third brake light of the US model.
5. Euro model has a small round amber light or reflector on the front fenders just behind the wheel. The US model has a large rectangular reflector in front of the wheel on either side.
6. The interior on both appears to be identical, though the Euro version has the Ferrari pony emblem on the dash just to the right of the center console.

Most of the 328s that I have seen for sale ( are of the basic US variety, however I have seen a few hybrid models with both US and Euro features - Euro mirrors with US brake light in rear glass, both US and Euro reflectors on front fenders, Euro fog/parking lights and US rear bumper. Needless to say, I'm confused. I prefer the styling of the Euro 328s, but will need to pass California emissions... plus I'd like the gauges to read in US units. Can anyone offer any insight on this matter? Were these custom factory options not part of the standard option set? Do the US models require the third brake light? How much of a visual obstruction is the extra brake light anyway? Would it make sense to swap out the US side mirrors with European ones; and if so, where could the mirrors be purchased/installed? I would rather not modify the car, but am curious if the hybrid models I've seen were tampered with in any way..
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