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Have a 328gts with an odd issue.

The tach started periodically reading half the corret RPM. Anyone heard of this before? For a few months it would sometime read correct and sometimes read half. Eventually it got so that it always reads half what it should.

W/o a ferrari shop within 400 miles, I tend to stuff myself but I make no claims at being a mechanic.

The car runs ok but doesn't feel/sound 100%.

According to the wiring manuel, the RPM sensor wires run through the computer before going to the gauge, and seeing that there is a seperate TDC sensor, and assuming the computer uses the RPM sensor to determine advancement, I'm guessing the sensor is bad or the sensor connector is corroded and thus both the computer and gauge are getting a bad signal.

I tried disconnected and reconnected the connection, and then the car wouldn't start at all. Used some connection cleaner and tried again and the car again ran but back at the same condition.

Does it sound like a bad RPM sensor? Is it logical that it could read half? ( I don't know exactly how these sensors work electrically ) Is it possible connector corrosion could make it read half? Any other ideas or things to try?

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