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first of all: welcome to the site!
second: I don't have a Fcar, but I did have a search for a friend of mine who was looking for a Mondial Coupe 3.2. I found that it's recommended that you have a good search and a decent look at the cars. A Fcar could be a money-pit! Let your head decide before your heart does. A PPI can solve a lot of heart- and wallet problems. I also found a couple of mechanics that already service Fcars, so we let them have a good look at a couple of examples we were looking at, they came up with problems and problems in the making we didn't notice, they could also give estimate for putting the car back in good running order. My friend did have a better overall $$figure to get the car he wanted. So don't rush things, have a good look around and I'm sure your Fcar is waiting for you.
A 328 is good and solid car, if taken care for by ALL the owners,past and present, a good and complete service history is important. I also found that independent mechanics do service cheaper than authorised do, parts can be ordered by them as well and they're not bound to original parts, other marques with the same quality( or better) can come cheaper than the original Fparts.
Best of luck finding your car and I wished I already was at the point you're at.
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