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I have just brought a 1986 328 gtb and after some research i see that between spring 1985 and winter 1989 a total of 1344 gtb's rolled out of the factory. what i would like to know is exactly how many of these were RHD? the dealer seems to think that 1 in 10 were made RHD which would mean i own 1 of 134 ever made and out of those who knos how many survive maybe 1 of 80 left! that would be a nice thought. any help on this subject would be nice. as to what i think about the subjects other people have written in this forum

the best ferrari to drive is by far the f355 (not having tested a enzo or f50)
the best first time ferrari is the 328 gtb/s or the underated 308 gt4 (great drive for the money)
the ferrari most likely to depreciate in value is without doubt the 348
most like likely to apreciate has to be the testarossa as soon as V12's become chic again! but if you have the cash you can pick a nice one up for under 33k not bad for a car that cost £55k in 1985.
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