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328 clutch and transmission

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I am still shopping for a 328 and was wondering what I could expect for the clutch and tranny. Typically how long will a clutch last in a 328? How about a transmission? I am used to Porsche 911's with which these parts have a long life.

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If the car has been owned by a person that has a basic understanding of mechanics and knows how NOT to abuse a clutch then you shouldn't have to worry about changing one out well past 50 or 60k.

A well maintained and driven 328 shouldn't need a transmission until then either, probably closer to 100k

It all depends on how the car was used. If it was driven moderately on the street then the above figures would hold true. If the car was tracked, subject to lack of maintenance or just plain beat then you'll see problems much sooner.

Cost? Always much less when you do it yourself, especially if you shop around for parts. From what I have read a clutch can be done for under 700.00 USD, probably less.

Used transmissions can be had for 2500.00 USD and up, if you can find one. I would contact for a price on a rebuilt transmission.
I'm pretty much with Spasso....but I do see some strange occurances of clutches wearing out prematurely. With some Ferraris changing hands many times....who's to say what caused it? For example, I have a 328 that I bought with 29k had four previous owners. At around 25k miles it had a new clutch! Seems early to me...but I have seen plenty of similar examples with other Ferraris I have looked is easy to explain it away as "bad previous owner"....I am not so sure. There may be issues with the quality of the parts or installation....who knows for sure?

I certainly wouldn't worry about it. For the most part, 328's are known to be quite durable in general, with few issues.

Buy the best example you can, bet it thoroughly checked out...and drive it like you stole it! :)
I had a 328GTS before and I agree with Spasso. Treat the car well and the clutch will last. If you love to do a wheel burn everytime you're at a traffic light then the obvious will happen.
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