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hi guys,hope every one is doing fine..went to seabring this weekend,one of the ferrari clubs my friend belongs to rented the track for 2 days..Awsome FUN,FUN,FUN. went around the track in a mondial,which belonged to a member--was doing 130mph on the back stright away when a 360 went by like we were standing still.(show off). To get to the point i was in the makket for a mondial 3.2 but i have just bourght my loveley wife a land rover,and yes i could be wipped ha,ha. My budget now only affords me a 308gtsi 1980-1982. Iknow there slow but they are a little easier to drive than the early 308s, and nicer on the inside.. YOUR Thoughts would be valuble on this matter ,thankyou mick..
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I Have an 82 GTSI for sale. E-Mail me if interested
I figured I would be getting a GTSi also. I wanted a GTS and the 80-82 seemed to be the most affordable. I actually had even made an offer on one in Conn. but the deal fell through. I found my '79 Carb 308 a month later in Penn. It was $2k cheaper than the '80 and in just as good shape. Had recent receipts for timing belts and water pump. I think it was cheaper because the tires and rims were not stock. But I liked them and the price was right.

Two reasons I really preferred to have the carburetted model: 1- Power. You said it yourself, the carb model has about 50 hp more than the early injected ones. 2 - Servicability. If something goes wrong with the carbs, I can fix carbs; if the fuel injection pump goes bad, I would have to send it out and have it rebuilt for $1,500. I found a good deal on some carb rebuild kits from a dealer in Germany and have those on my shelf just in case.

But you know what? The 308 GTSi will turn heads just as fast as a 360 when you are driving down the road. It will ride and handle just as good as my car or a qv. And you will have a Ferrari! Let us know how you make out.

Keep looking, try Hemming's motor news and surfing the internet. I would think that next month would probably be a good time to get one. The 2003 model year cars are coming out and there may be some other "whipped" husband out there whose wife is going to make him buy a new car and get rid of "that old car that is just going to sit in the garage all winter."
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Hi Edward i sent you an e-mail ,or tried too,Mick can't go wrong with Edward's 308 -- he has put a great deal of time and expense in getting it "just right". From the pictures I've seen and following his technical posts over the last several months, I'd say his 308 should be at the top of anyone's shopping list -- I know it would be at the top of mine if I were in the market for an '80-'82 GTS. I don't know Edward personally, but just my observation. Good luck in your search, though -- keep us posted -- and hope you find "the one". The 308's are wonderful, beautiful machines that are a thrill to drive!
Except Ed converted, he drives a vette now!! I dont blame him either, i was speaking to a vette and ferrari owner at an FCA event and he said that vettes are much faster on track then ferraris of the same year. In fact, at lime rock, a Z06 with slicks was turning about the same times as 360 challege cars, and was faster than alot of F355 challenge cars! It must be that torque. That guy convinced me to go for a C5 as a first sports car, as they will be cheap once the next gen vette comes out.
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