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308GTSi Wiper Blades

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Anyone have a p/n for wiper blades? Anyone know if they are off the shelf or cross to another manufacturer? I don't have a parts manual to reference. Any info is appreciated.


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The Ferrari p/n in my book is 108741, but I think the Trico E45A fits.

My car has Anco blades but I don't know the #.

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

Correction - I just checked the Trico website and they have a listing for the 308. The numbers are:
Teflon - 15-180
Exact Fit - 18-1
Nu Vision - 21-180

To add, Bosch also makes blades for the 308. Basically there are many off the shelf choices, no need to go OEM. i use Bosch and paid about $15 for both.
Guys, great info as always. Any info on the wiper arm? I have found the oem part, but was looking for an aftermarket substitiute.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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