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Congrats @Duetto66 on your new-to-you Dino 308 GT4!! It's funny to encounter the buyer as I swear I inquired about that one myself when I was searching for the right car. For me, the asking price and the cost to import to the US far exceeded what I was comfortable paying… otherwise, I might have bought it!

I ended up finding mine from a local individual, so a private sale of a car that no one in the area knew about. The guy who owned it never took it to shows or even cars and coffee. It was red, but the original color was green. After just a couple of months, I restored the car back to its original color (pics below).

Also, shortly after buying the car, I was introduced via email to @robertgarven who was immensely helpful! Like Robert, I've been a GT4 cheerleader since I was a teenager, and to finally own one was a dream come true for me. A life-long dream that took 35 years to realize! Like Robert, I'm also happy to supply you with PDFs and what not if needed. I've spent literal decades researching these cars, but I'm no mechanic—so technical questions aren't my strong suit!

My car is a US car, chassis 10388, 1975 year model. When I restored it back to its original Verde Pino color, I also restored the Dino badging. The bumpers don't bother me at all, that was never a problem for me. Granted, I do think the Euro bumpers look much better, but I have no problem with the US bumpers (I don't even push them in like most other owners). What I really hated about the US cars were the side markers; they're ugly, obtrusive, misshapen, not aligned correctly, and so on. I had those removed when I restored the car. It looks a million times better (kept them, though, just in case I ever wanted to put them back on—fat chance!).

Since its restoration it took home a few awards during car week in Monterey, including Best in Show at the kick-off event. I was also invited by Ferrari to show my car at their 75th Anniversary display at Casa Ferrari at Pebble Beach, and you can read a quick feature on the car and me at this link:

Classic Motorsports Magazine

There's still little things I need to do to the car, such as refinishing the wheels, a bit of interior repair, and currently the original dictaphone/stereo is out for repair to get the cassette deck working. This car has been a remarkable joy to own, I can't imagine not owning it. This is the one car I pursued my entire life, and I will never part ways with it.

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