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Thanks, man! I emailed Chris last year and he was kind enough to share with me how he setup his parking brake using 360 e-brake calipers and offer the CNC file to make them. Those calipers are costly though. He went all out and definitely has an awesome system - I think he has F50 front rotors? My setup wont be quite as sophisticated as his, but it should still work really really well and wont cost as much.
Hi Brett, I have 360 Challenge brakes fitted to my 288 GTO recreation along with a hydraulic hanbrake, however to keep the car legal I am fitting the 360 handbrake calipers. Did you end up getting the file from Chris Morse for the custom dogbones? I have tried contacting Chris via Ferrari Chat but he hasn't been online for a couple of years. Once I get the file I can easily get them CNC machined, obviously easier than starting from scratch and designing my own. Regards Doug, NB I am in Melbourne Australia
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