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To try and clarify (we do always post at the same time for some reason, lol), Peter summed up the bolt pattern of all Ferrari wheels (offset may vary, but bolt pattern is the same). To clarify the wheel situation. There were three rims offered over the course of the 308 production, 1. 14", 2. metric rims, 3. 16" rims. Cars equipped with 14" wheels have the same wheels on all four corners, you could say swap a back right for a front left, etc with no problem. The same is true with the metric wheels, all four corners are the same wheel essentially. The difference came as an option on the 4v cars you could get 16" rims with different size front and rear (7" wide front and 8" wide rear, both 16" rims), so essentially you couldn't just swap a right rear for a front left because they are different rim and tire widths. Hope this helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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