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BRUNO said:
...As far as I know they are the same exact wheel all around and only the mounting bolts are different. Is this not true. Did it get changed in later years?????????
BRUNO said:
...talking about different widths and offsets from front to rear. I got a spare set in my garage and they are all 4 identical in every way.
Okay, Bruno, what are you talking about, the sizes of the bolts or the sizes of the wheels?

Yes, the bolt lengths are different and yes, some models of Ferraris use different offsets, rim widths and wheel diameters. The bolt-circle-diameters have remained the same over the last couple of decades, you can bolt a 360 18" wheel to a 308 with no problems. However, early Mondials are unique, because of Ferrari's use of different king-pins and wheel bearings. When the range was updated with ABS, different calipers and discs were used, but were homogenized amongst the range, so 328's and Mondials recieved the same, convex-shape wheels. The 400/412 range also had its different offset wheels changed and again, due to installation of ABS. Remember, they all kept the same BCD which is 5 X 108mm.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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