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308 upgrades

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I own a 1979 308 GTS. I would like to upgrade the performance. So far, it has been kind of slow. I had the major service performed twice because the last mechanic didn't trust the first one.

I would like to get everyones opinion on the Tubi exhaust system, ignition systems and having larger carbs installed. I want my car to sound and perrform like a Ferari should. As things stand now, my Honda Accord is faster.
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I agree a electronic dist ign. is the way to go. Less problems. But I am still using the orig.. Until I get ticked off enough at it I will continue using it because it is orig..
It would have to be put on a dyno but I am sure it is much more efficient. Ed probably has better specs. then I do because I still use the old ign.
No the 308s are not "that slow." They are not what todays exotic sports cars are on speed. However if you want a older Ferrari with class and preety good performance get a carbed model of a 308 and tune it to perfection. You will be pleased at the satisfaction you will receive. Remember "Drive your Ferrari for what it is, not for what it isn't."
Barry, I agree. These old boys have already proved thmselves.
The older,70s USA carbed 308s were only 8.8 to1 compression ratio. The 208 euro carbed model used forced air induction to up the hp.
Bret, You are on the ball. I was going to repeat the 8.8to1 versus the 8.6 to1 but you caught it. Good interception. Magoo
1 - 7 of 32 Posts
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