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308 upgrades

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I own a 1979 308 GTS. I would like to upgrade the performance. So far, it has been kind of slow. I had the major service performed twice because the last mechanic didn't trust the first one.

I would like to get everyones opinion on the Tubi exhaust system, ignition systems and having larger carbs installed. I want my car to sound and perrform like a Ferari should. As things stand now, my Honda Accord is faster.
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Ferrari performance

I'm currently working on this site which carries parts for Ferraris. I'm working daily to add parts to the site. We carry everything you could possibly want, from racing helmets (the same used by F1) to common parts for everyday driving. E-mail [email protected] for the time being while I'm still adding our product line. We can spend you a list of items we carry for your car. In the e-mail if you tell us you were refered by this site and give us your username "bci27" we'll give you a little extra off on the price.
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