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Dino 308GT4 - year 1974 - Chassis 8008

Model: Dino 308 GT4
Year: March 3rd 1974
Country: Austria
Steering: LHD
Chassis number: 8008

- Car imported by Charles Pozzi (Ferrari France) into France.

- 2nd owner was a collector from Paris

- 3rd owner was the president of the Ferrari Dino Club of France, who owned the car for ten years.

- 4th and current owner (me) purchased the car in April 2003 and exported it to his home country of Austria.

- The car was featured in a few French auto magazines: “Sport-Auto” No. 407 and “Retro-Viseur” No. 140, Autorétro July/August 2007.

- the actual owner (me) would highly appreciate, if somebody could help him finding the name of the first owner. Are there people in this forum who have good connections to Ferrari or even Ferrari-France?



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