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308 Oil psi Gauge

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I have a 1980 308 GTSi and am wondering about the oil pressure sending unit and the pressure gauge. My car runs like a top, good power, doesn't use very much oil at all, but the oil pressure seems to show a bit off??? The gauge is a 0 - 85 - 175 lb version, and the warning light works, so I'm not really concerned that I have an engine problem but the gauge never goes above 85. It mostly runs about 65-75, but when the engine is at full temp and at idle it's hardly above the 0 mark. Is this gauge just way oversized (i.e. the range is to large that the pressure will always appear at the lower end) is my gauge bad, how about the sending unit??? Couple of questions for you pros. Thanks
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oil pressure gauge

I have a similar problem with mine too. Sometimes I have about 85 while driving then down to about 0 at an idle. Sometimes someplace inbetween. Then it will switch and I'll have just above 0 at speed and about 85 at an idle. It can't seem to make up its mind. The red light never comes on. And if I look in the oil filler cap I see good oil flow. And she runs like a top too. All temps. oil/water stay fine too. If I tap the sending unit with a screw driver the pressure goes back up to around 85 again. I think the culpret is the sending unit. If you replace yours, would you be kind enough to let me know the results. I have yet had the time to replace mine. I'm 99.9% its the sending unit, but that .1% still eats at me!

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