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After a great drive in the hills (some 26 degree climbs) and a bit of 4 x 4 in the gravel sections of the 80 mile route, dodging some kangaroo's and a two metre long goanna. I arrived home to check over the engine (as I do after a drive), I attempted to open the engine compartment with no luck.
So I guess, I have finally broken something on the 308.:mad:
Thankfully, it isn't major. I have snapped the engine compartment release cable. I thought I remembered reading a thread about this before, but couldn't find anything in a search.
I have taken out the lever mechanism to find that the cable has snapped off at the solid connector.
Q1. Is it possible to reattach another connector? or is it a cable replacement?
Q2. If it is a cable replacement, There are two cables (I assume one is the emergency one below the seat belt and the other the main release), by having a bit of a tug of the cables, I couldn't determine whether it was the top or the bottom one that has snapped. Is it standard that the top or bottom is the main cable?
Any help appreciated.
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