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308 GTS Electric windows wiring

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I am helping to restore a 308 GTB glass body and helpinh to maintain a 308STS as a daily driver

the GST has the control for the Passenger's side elec window on the driver's side not working

This is a RHD vehicle so

X not working
W working

Door Position

Left Hand





So the onside passenger door switch is OK the offside passenger's switch is not

swapped the switches around and the switch itself works OK, assuming this is a wiring problem.

The passenger's switch is wired like so:

YB Arrow on switch downwards and on left

Driver's side Passenger switch

Y Arrow on switch downwards and on left

Y = Yellow
B = Black
YB = Yellow Black
BW = Black and White
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AHHHHH! 308 window motors. These have always been a problem from what I've read. You've eliminated the switches as the problem which is good. Now you have to do some more detective work. The 308's are known for having high resistance in the fuse box as well, just as a waring. Is the window motor working? Easy way to find out is simply apply (I'm assuming you have the door apart) 12volts to the motor. It should go up like a rocket. That will eliminate that as a problem. I've read about one person just wiring directly to the battery in order to have them operate quickly. The next thing to do will be to get a good Digital Multi-Meeter (DMM) and get to work testing resistance in the circuts.

Read this article:

Once you're familiar with what you should be looking for (resistance) and how to find it, the job should be easyer.

Let us know how it goes!
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OZFazza, any updates?
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