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308 GTB - modified to 288 GTO spec - Value??

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I am looking at acquiring a 308 GTB that has been converted to 288 GTO specs by Jim Carpenter and Engine work by Bob Norwood. The modification is extensive, including the right engine orientation (longitudinal vs transverse), twin turbo, etc. It has very low miles and the conversion is professional grade (not your normal kit car). Does anyone have a sense of the value, or know of comparable cars that have been sold. This will help in me in my (hedonistic) decision. Thx for suggestions.
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Not enough credit line on the old Visa card!
I'm pretty sure that you are talking about this one then
This car was present at the Nurnburgring this year

What's the asking price, and how many miles??
i'll check around for you


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Miles are super low - 700 miles since conversion (validated by Norwood and mechanic) - Dyno'd at 590hp. Priced in the $70K range. Many modification including big brakes, race suspension, GTO interior, great looking car. Claimed $160K invested including donor car. Any idea on value would be great -- probably going to do the deal regardless but interested nonetheless.
that's a pretty big invest, considering a 308 goes for an average of 30k.
If the guy invested so much why is he getting rid of the car.
When was the conversion done?
and is it like the one that i posted?? or different?
The guy is the mucho $$$$$ category (has an F40 and couple of "special Porsche) decided to do the conversion, had lots of pains doing it and decided to move on to another project. The car has received a clean bill of health, and I primarily plan to use it on the track. It does look very similar to the pictured one however this one is in the US and CH.
why doesn't the guy buy a real GTO then, that's the same pricerange as an F40.
But what a find weird is, you make it sound like the guy just got it finished and put it for sale, but it has 700 miles since conversion.

590 hp for track use isn't bad, must be lot's of fun, what was changed at the engine
Actually is has been in "show room" and has only cover the 700mi. since June of 2001. Don't know about the F40 vs. the GTO purchase, I believe the GTO project was started when the prices were out in the stratosphere. The F40 is a more recent acquisition. Acutally the price of Ferraris are pretty ridiculous regardless of the model, in every case (as this one) it is a hedonsitic exercise!

Engine mods are considerable, including, new block and 4 valve head, JE piston, custon crank, twin turbo with air to water intercoolers, Motec engine management, Porsche 996 gearbox. 590hp is using pump gas and 16psi, at 22psi and race fuel you are looking at over 700 hp (sic). Not that one would need that kind of power.. but if you added nitrous...just kidding!
Dirk, maybe the reason he built it was for the challenge. He obviously had the means to buy a real GTO (if he already had an F40), but decided to try it from scratch.

Jagbuff, a while ago, Michael Sheehan had a 308/288 GTO rebody (I don't think it was a Carpenter conversion, nor the Butch Hooper/Italian Auto, but a one-off). It was built for a computer game tycoon and was totally tricked out, super HP, digital screen dashboard, etc.... I think they were asking around $70-80,000 for it. If you visit his website, it may still be there under "Cars just missed":
Thanks for the link - very nice looking car (although I am not much of a "wing" man). The car I am acquiring is very similar in configuration the interior is "standard" GTO rather than race spec - although it does have a roll cage. The engine is also similar but for 996 gearbox and the air to water intercooler vs. air to air. This definitely helps! THX
Funny, I think I know some history about this car...or at least its prior owner who is in jail serving a ten year sentence. As it was explained to me, the owner was a San Antonio city clerk who supposingly had received a very substantial inheritance, hence the explanation for the several ferraris he owned. His job entailed doing the paperwork for property left by the death of a person. Apparently anytime someone died without heirs, he would put himself as the beneficiary. He was caught after he decided to retire (!?) and an audit was undertaken. What people will do to own these machines!!
They adapted a 996 gearbox to this modified 308? This has to be a mechanics nightmare. 70 to 80,000 probably won't touch it. I wouldn't touch it unless I had muchoo money to throw away. This car was built for someone who had nothing to do but throw money away. If you do consider it you had better get it checked out if you can find the right Techs for each of the modifications. God, What a nightmare.
ooh yeah i saw that one standing for sale, LOVE the black, pretty cool to see a "GTO" in black
not to fond of the wing, but with that amount of HP probably neccesary
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