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308 GT4 Rainbow by Bertone

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Does anybody know what happend to this car and where it is now?? I know it was for sale at Harrods, years and years ago (as new Ferrari). But because it was a car ahead of it's time there weren't many people who bought one.


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Not sure, but isn't it still owned by Bertone?

I thought so, because I saw it on a video some time ago. On the video you saw a guy from Bertone driving in it. But on the picture (ofcourse I don't know when it was taken) you see the car at an excibit or something. That's why I thought it maybe was sold.
I also don't know how many of the Rainbows were built...was it just one??
in the early 90ths or mid 90ths it was showed at the Essen Motor Show in Germany, so it's probably there that this pic was taken
It tells you a little about the car here (towards the bottom of the page):

They reckon the car has always resided in Bertone's private museum so is unlikely to ever be sold.

Tnx for all the replys...I just always thought is was a very nice car. I once had a miniature of it...(kit) but I'm not so good in building kits :-? so it's red...and with a lot of gluw allover it...
but now I saw that there are even built miniatures...I start searching :D


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yep, Niels has one and in the correct color silver
Actually, I have the same one! I got it thru Ebay from Australia. It is made in Japan somewhere around 1978. It is a nice model. I also have a slightly bigger one (somewhere around 1/36 or 1/32) scale also made in Japan which you could put a battery in and then the headlights start shinig.

Also nice, but wrong scale and less better lines.

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