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Hey all,
I am still in process on the 308 electric mirror issue. Research tells me that a BMW 7 series mirror switch is a direct replacement ( 1/2 $$$ ) for my 85 308 QV (euro) does anyone know the part # or model year ? Any info would be appreciated.
FYI, I've decided to go big on the restoration of my 308. It is up on stands, wheels off, inner wells removed, bumpers off for rework and I'm prepared to do the brake upgrades and detail the frame, suspension and engine compartment. I have contacted a respected body man in my area and will proceed with PDR and spot rework as soon as the wheels are back on. Still in need of a good Leather re-dye guy in O.C. So. Cal. (I want to change the shade and tune up a couple flaws). Comments?
Happy motoring,
Lou Gaudio (LUIGI)
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