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308 dies and pops and sputters sometimes

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My 78 gtb has this nasty little habit usually after a long run but sometimes after only 10 minutes of popping,sputtering,almost like it is running out of gas. Just had distributors replaced,plugs,fuel pump,fuel filter,fusebox,etc.etc.etc. I am starting to wonder if it is something in the emission system as I have full factory emissions still in place. Car passed emission test at 30k service at Ferrari dealer in April.I am STUMPED. Magoo? Have no ideal what to try next.
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I remember you having trouble with the noisey fuel pump which I said at that time it could have been that it was binding when hot. Did you ever bench test it? If it is in the fuel line, Did you clean or replace the filter in the bottom of your drivers side tank.? I am not talking about the external filter but the one in the bottom of the tank where the feed hose comes off the bottom of the tank. Another thing that can be a common cause is the ignition switch getting hot and the contacts seperating when hot. A starter solenoid can also cause the same problem. Does it cut out completely? Does it start up immediately after it cuts out or do you have to wait a while?
You know my starter switch is funky. Also on the lines coming off of the charcoal canister for the emissions if you look in them after taking them off the canister and the little black thing mounted on the side of the car.not the round one the first soup can shape one there apperas to be a ball in them about 1" of the way down .Normal? also I get charcoal ash out of my lines.I wonder if my canister broke up.And no I got to run the tanks down and do the other filter.
First there should not be a ball in the hose if that's what you are saying. Second if you are looking into the small in line valve, that looks like a small can that's normal. But I don't think that's your problem. Also make sure your tank is empty before checking the filter.
There is a round ball 1" up in my hose from the round can cylinder thing that the charcaol canister feeds.The canister has broken up inside.I have charcoal particles everywhere. I dont know if this is my problem but regardless I ned a new charcoal canister.Any ideals where to get 1 cheap? I also have a theory I'll run by you later.I want to post a couple of pics of what I'm talking about first.
Here are 2 pics,what is this cylinder thing,what does it do,there is a wire looks like 2 conductors going to the bottom of it.Does it have to be mounted level.?? Se the pic of the hose. it goes from the end of this to under the air cleaner.about 1" up in the end from the thing in the other pic a ball is wedged.I am sure it dont belong ther.I guess something broke down and it got pumped ther by the air pump? both the black things and all lines from the charcoal canister were filloed with charcoal particles.I assume the canister broke up? Here is a theory about the p[opping.seems to pop and stall like running out of gas only when car is good and hot.Maybe the emission crap is keping a damper shut in the air cleaner or divertying air from the engine compartment?
there is also a restriction looks like maybe another ball lodged in the hose off of the top of the charcoal canister that you can see in the pic.What is this crap.I am sure these hoses are suppose to be clear. Could someone at sometime have done this on purpose?why? If not then something came apart.what?where? Arent Ferrari's fun.Wait till I get back on my 400i rear shock experience .
Bruno, First of all the pic you have shown is a small purge fan that is supposed to run 3 mins. after the engine is shut down. It purges the fumes from the carbs in the airbox after shutdown. The relay is located under the floorboard of the passenger side. The fan should have a plug on the end of the wire which plugs into a wire harness under the rt. rear 1/4 panel. You may have to remove the inner fender to access it. Second there should not be any ball bearings or whatever in the lines. Remove them. This was done years ago to block the cannister and emmissions from working. Again, Does the engine shut down completely and how long do you have to wait to start it, or does it sputter and keep on running?
No it doesnt stall and shut down completely.It varies on reset time sometimes 2 minutes sometimes 10.A lot seems to depend on outdoor twmp.Hoter it gets more it acts up. Never acts up when I first start to run car.Car always get up to operating temp before it acts up. What about my theory? Why would anyone block of the canister and that pic is of a fan??? So if I shut car off should I hear it run? I dont think it works. Does it ever run when car is on? HEY my 400 is back on road.
Bruno, When you shut the engine down,turn the ignition off, The purge fan is timed to run 3 mins. However this has nothing to do with the problem you have now. It sounds like it could be the fuel pump binding or something such as the ign. switch acting up. Have you checked the battery terminals lately. Just a thought to make sure you are getting good clean connections. Naturally and all this is just "maybes", So check everything we have talked about then go from there before trying anything else.
Well i was driving the 308 Sunday.It started to act up.I removed the vinyly fuse cover and out of frustration smacked the relays real hard.It stopped and the car was fine.Either coincidence or I got a relay going bad or loose etc.Anybody got any ideals as to which one or what connection?
Start with the fuel pump terminal. It normally carries more heat. You can even bypass it on the board and try driving the car. Check your owners manual.
The fuel pump relay on my 82 308 is the lower left one. Pull it out and see if the car dies in a few seconds. If it does Bingo! You found the relay.
Well unless I am losing it there is no fuelk pump relay in a 78 308 gtb.I dont have a schematic for this car but I do for a 2+2 and there is none in that schematic.I find that on the 3.rd fuse there is a green wire that runs throught the switch under the seat and then to the fuel pump.I think I found my problem at the connector at the fuel pump.It was corroded.It's a little white plastic thing that encapsulates a male and femal spade connector.I removed it car is running fine.Will take car for long ride asap and verify fix.Prefer hot day but I think there all gone.
HEY!! where did everybody go??????????
So the car still does it.Sometimes.Seems like after a long ride (45 mins+) and a short sit (10 mins. or so) It will do it.I think it must be heat related and am thinking maybe my cats are breaking up at temp and restricting my exhaust.Last time it did it I was 30 miles from home and had to drive the whole way floored on the pedal and only doing 80 mph. no popping just no power.I figure maybe the exhaust aint getting out and the gas cant get in??????? Hum. My audi cat went and the car would only do 5mph when hot.Went back next day and it ran fine till it got hot again.ANY SUGGESTIONS WELCOMED. Oh changed fuel pump,filter and removed screen from gas tank.Reworked all fuse boxes and relays.
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