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If you hear a lot of noise when you start your 360 that shuts off after a few minutes and keeps cycling until the engine is fully warmed it's the secondary air pump which is part of the emission system.

Unfortunately due to its placement it gets tremendous heat from the exhaust system which in turn dries out the berings in the pump's motor. Well in short order the bearings start to howel.

Replacement is necessary but simple. It takes about an hour.

I have seen a few F1 tranny 360's with heat shields for the areas left and right of the areas near the muffler. I think these would definitely extend the pump's life.

The P/N of the pump 181197. It's the same as used on Maserati and I think BMW also. If you search Google you can sometimes find them as low as $300.00. The regular price is around $600-$700!

Raise the left rear wheel, remove the wheel, remove the gravel shield.

Open the engine hatch and get your 10 mm socket.

Remove the two 10 mm bolts on the bracket, loosen the air hose clamp, and unplug the wire harness.

Go into wheel well and look up towards the air pump that is visible. There is a 10 mm cadmium colored bolt that has to come out on the back side of the mount that is secured to the frame.

Remove the pump, replace, adjust hose and clamp before tightening, connect wire harness, bolt down, replace gravel shield, replace wheel, torque wheel bolts to 74 ft-lbs each, tighten two pump bolts.

Bingo done.

Wash hands, clean off, start engine.

No noise any more.

It's that simple.

I am going to source those heat shields and if not I'll make one.

I am on #3 with only 13K miles!
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