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275 GTS? Post Pics!

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I am going to go look at a beautiful '64 275 GTS Red/Tan tomorrrow---

He is asking ~$150k...anyone have any insight on the future market for this car? I figure that it will always be overshadowed by the 330 series, because of the similar body style, yet updated with a bigger engine, etc..

Also, the 275GTS is the least expensive open roof classic ferrari and so i figure that the only thing that it is going to do is appreciate.

The car was fully restored and only has 2k miles on teh restoration, although it still needs some minor work (cam timing, missing owners manual, glove box is missing, non-oem battery...etc).

Also, the car was originally BLACK, but was converted to red during the restoration, how badly will the value be hit for this?

Post some pics of 275 GTS's!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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