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250 GTO OR...

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This question is basically what would you do if you had 3 to 5 million or so to spend on cars. I've always wondered whether I would go for the 250 GTO. On the one hand, you could get one of the greatest and rarest of all time, but on the other hand, you could split it up between a number of cars: let's say, a 250 California, a 275 GTB, a 250 SWB, and another one or two to bring the total up to 250 GTO range. So, I suppose the question is: would you go for one expensive one, or many less expensive. I suppose it's definitely a question of which model you prefer, but you could even think about it with the modern Ferraris: for the price of, say, a 575 and a 355, you could get an F40. What do you guys think?
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My goal is to own 1 of EVERY Ferrari EVER made!!! :green: :green: :green:

Wouldn't that solve the "which to buy" problem?

Seriously, I personally think that if I were in the position to buy a 250 GTO I would do it. (Or maybe a 250 LM)
I would never make the 250 GTO my first purchase. Lets be honest, if your in that ring it won't be your first Ferrari.

However, since this is a what if I'm assuming the condition is this is a once in a lifetime thing, I'll never buy other Ferraris. In that case I'd buy more less expensive Ferrari than just the 250 GTO. You could only really enjoy this car on the track. Who has the balls (or should I say, is dumb enough) to drive a 250 GTO in public where some moron in an SUV can well total it?
well for that money you wouldn't be able to buy a GTO, so you have to get something else :green:

Like a SWB Comp (1.5 million $)
Cali LWB Comp (1.5 million $)
750 Monza (0.7 million $)
512 S or M (1.5 million $)

that would be a really fun garage :green:
I would get a few cars. I would need at one new Ferrari and the rest would be old. I don't need anything really exotic, I'd rather have more cars instead. Also, I'd use the leftover money to buy the cars a nice garage/showroom.
I too would go for many cars. If I only had one for that amount of cash, I would be too scared to drive it.

My dream garage would include:

288 GTO
Lamborghini Muira
250 California
Shelby GT500
Honda NSX
Bentley Continental R
Diablo 6.0
Porsche 993 Turbo
Porsche GT3
Porsche 3.0 RSR
Lancia Delta Integrale
Aston Martin DB5
GT 40

ALL of which can be bought for the sum you suggested
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Azzurro California 575M said:
I would need at one new Ferrari and the rest would be old. I don't need anything really exotic..............
Hahaha, I know what you mean but when I saw the words put together like that I couldn't help but quote you.

My dream car is a yellow 360 spider F1. If I had 3 million I'd get that, I'd get my dream garage to put it in (at least 30x50 with a lift), and I might be persuaded to try out a Lambo. Gee, 3 mil doesn't go very far when you figure we haven't even mentioned boats.
Ferraris that will make the cut:

F40, 288 GTO, 330 GT 2+2, 328 GTS, 250 GTE and 348 Spider

Others that would have to be there:

Porsche 911 Turbo (1986 model)
Lamborghini Countach 5000qv with wing in white or black
Mercedes 300 SL (fifties Gullwing and/or Convertible)
1978 Indy 500 Corvette
Subaru Impreza GT Turbo
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If I had three mil allotted for cars...

2004 360 Spyder ($250,000)
2003 Enzo ($650,000)
1997 F50 ($600,000)
1992 F40 ($300,000)
1997 Mclaren F1 ($1,000,000)
1992 Jaguar XJ220 ($250,000)

...I would be in debt $50k, but what a garage it would be.
The original question was 3 to 5 million - so I've taken the middle figure.

Anyway, for my 4 million, it's either a 250 GTO, or the following:

250 GTO................£20,000
360 Modena......... £80,000
F40....................... £175,000
F50....................... £300,000
288 GTO................£170,000
246 GTS................£60,000
575M.................... £120,000
355 F1................. £70,000
512TR.................. £60,000
456GT.................. £100,000
Enzo.................... £600,000
365 GT4 BB.......... £45,000
275 GTB/4............ £200,000
250 LM..................£2,000,000
Total..................... £4,000,000

I know which I'd rather have...

In case you're wondering, the £20,000 250 GTO isn't me going mad - it's this one...:

I happen to know £20,000 would do the trick, and that would be just fine for me!! :green:

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Keep in mind that officially the McLaren isn't legal in the US.
and that price for the Enzo that was the factory price
the ones that you see offered for sale now are listed for more
granted, i doubt if they are going for that.

DONT get that replica :cry:
Well I prefer variety in my garage so here it is at 5,000,000:

512 TR
575M Maranello
288 GTO
275 GTB


Corvette Z06
GT 40

Rest of Europe
Porsche 911 GT3 or TT
BMW ///M3
Aston Martin DB7 Vantage
Benz SL55
Audi S4 (for the family/wife)
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Bazil said:
250 GTO................£20,000
I want to know where you can buy a 250 gto for £20,000

Because they cost a lot more then £20,000
Or am i mistaking??
FerRory said:
Bazil said:
250 GTO................£20,000
I want to know where you can buy a 250 gto for £20,000

Because they cost a lot more then £20,000
Or am i mistaking??
Actually it is a replica so it is fake. Not real.
Dj Dirk said:
DONT get that replica :cry:

Not even if it's the only one my wife's allowed to drive? :green:

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