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Another research of engine, I actually have Lusso #4563 with Engine 4831 inside of it which is a 250 GTE engine. Any info about #4831 would be appreciated if it has Engine 4563 inside of it or any info about Engine 4563.

A bit of history about Lusso #4563 :

Produced in July 1963, bought in Paris in 1970 by Mr. Sauzay (Lyon) the car had 30'000 Km by this time. Sauzay kept it until 1977 and drove it about 60'000 Km, it seems the engine was replaced at this time because it needed to be totally overhauled. It was then sold to Mr. Richard (Lille) who drove it from Lyon to Lille and didn't really use it anymore, stocked it in his garage untill 1991 and sold it to Mr. Vermon (previous owner) who restored it.

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