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Our little group are heading down to Le Mans this evening on the Portsmouth overnight Ferry. Any other members of the forum going....?

We are 13 cars (unfortunately not all Ferrari's).
355 Spyder
355 GTS
Aston DB9
Aston DB6 Volante
Aston DB6
996 Turbo Cab
996 Turbo x's 2
993 Turbo
996 Cab
996 Coupe
Venturi (blown up engine...MGF replacement :oops: )
Possibiy two 328's joining us from Paris

We intend to 'make progress' on the French roads and do our best to deplete French wine reserves once we reach the circuit 8)

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next year i'll join up in a golf

but make sure to take tons of pics Tim
and already a DB9 in that list :D , that car is amazingly cool
have a safe trip and enjoy yourself
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