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2005 Ferrari Forum Calendar

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I want to try and get together pictures of 12 of our forum member Ferraris and see if we can't come up with a Ferrari Forum calendar for 2005. I got with Andrew and he said he'd try and find some pricing info.

One of our cars will be the feature Ferrari each month. Haven't worked out all the details but I was thinking a high quality photo of the car and on the bottom a little caption telling about it. Like for me it would be "1979 Ferrari 308 GTS, Maine USA, Pete04222 on FerrariForum.Net" or something like that. When the weather gets nice I will have my wife take some photos of my car. Thats one month, we need to fill 11 more. Who's in?

I don't want this to just be a calendar with pictures of Ferraris, I've already got one of those. I want a calendar with OUR Ferraris!
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hey i'm up for that
they have to be 12 different models

and high quality pics for printing isn't that easy
that isn't so normal for a lot of regular digital camera's
rosed37 said:
and high quality pics for printing isn't that easy
that isn't so normal for a lot of regular digital camera's[/quote

I guess that rules out my disposable camera! :nuts:
and also the fact that I don't own a Ferrari yet. :work:

a regular camera can do better for printing then, all you need is the negative
well lets take it more easy then
euro guys, come to the Spa Ferrari Days, and i'll get the pics that are neeeded, Spa has beautifull surroundings
american guys, get to the Ferrari Special at Monterey in August, and i'll shoot the other pics :green:
that way i can have lot's of fun :wink:
ooh common
where are the classics or there has to be a Dino 246
4i2fly said:
I have a 2000 360Modena in a rare color Rosso Dino and black interrior. Would you be intersted? I am having problem posting a high-res picture.

A MODENA IN ROSSO DINO???????????????????????

i haven't seen a modena in that color yet, and i've seen a lot

how big is the pic?
else mail it to me and i'll post it for you

normally you just need to click the add an attachement button on the reply page, then select it from your HD, click and and post your message

so here's 4i2fly's Modena in Rosso Dino
do you have a good sideshot that shows the color better?
i didn't changed the resolution, but did a quick compression on it, so here it is

and Peter
it seems that you misunderstood me, me and my bad english you know
i mean
OOH COME ON :wink: :green:
now isn't that better :p


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[quote='75 308 GT4 (Peter)]Pete, check your inbox of your Private Messanger...[/quote]

i guess you are in also then
well, pics shouldn't be a problem then :wink:
[quote='75 308 GT4 (Peter)]
I hope I am in, I haven't heard from him yet...[/quote]

i think Peter flew back to work, so that means that he might check in, else he'll start posting a lot of messages in about 3 weeks
but i'm sure you will be on, you are the only GT4 right now

and i want as much as different cars as possible :green:
and if we have to choose a same model then it has to be a different color
i would love to see lots of non red ferrari's in that calender, that should be cool and very different

i'll send a pm to Stradale, cuz i haven't seen him online in a while
now we are talking
slr camera's, take no substitute :green:
you can mail it already to me or to peter, or both of us, either way full list isn't complete yet
especially if you have a Stradale on the way
BTW what color and does it have the stripe

what i mean is, it's very refreshing to see non red ferrari's in a calender, buy a ferrari calender nowadays, and about 90% is red and even has red borders, so that's a bit overkill IMO
i'm a sucker for non-red ferrari's, i always love it to see different colours, some even look better, like a 456 looks a lot better in dark blue then in red.

and i must say that first pic of you is very stunning (the sideshot)
just a shame of that punto in the background, that's the kind of shots that would look trully stunning in the calender.
that would be very cool, some morning shots with no cars around
but make sure that you can take a pic at the highest resulotion

else we could arrrange something later on the year, you are from europe so that shouldn't be a big problem
Peter has a black 308 GT4
fradefa48 is a 348 spider

so come on, let that last one be a classic, else we don't have a classic in there :cry:
Slag_328GTS said:
OK - Attached


amazing colour for a TR and the white interior also stands out very good
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