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2005 Ferrari Forum Calendar

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I want to try and get together pictures of 12 of our forum member Ferraris and see if we can't come up with a Ferrari Forum calendar for 2005. I got with Andrew and he said he'd try and find some pricing info.

One of our cars will be the feature Ferrari each month. Haven't worked out all the details but I was thinking a high quality photo of the car and on the bottom a little caption telling about it. Like for me it would be "1979 Ferrari 308 GTS, Maine USA, Pete04222 on FerrariForum.Net" or something like that. When the weather gets nice I will have my wife take some photos of my car. Thats one month, we need to fill 11 more. Who's in?

I don't want this to just be a calendar with pictures of Ferraris, I've already got one of those. I want a calendar with OUR Ferraris!
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Dr. Bob said:
I'll buy the calender. I got an idea, drive all you Ferrari's to the netherlands, and dirk and I will photograph the heck out of it :D
Or, drive to North Carolina and I'll take the pics. :D My camera has the ability to take pics in such a way that 20 inch x 30 inch printouts look good. :green:
That and I need the practice.
Anyone asked Stradale yet?

We got to get 12 total because, to borrow a phrase, I WANT THAT CALENDER!! Especially with a Nero Black TR!!! :green:
I just found out there is a Tour de france Blue 360 running around here somewhere. I will find it and ask it's owner to join us!
fradefa48 said:
I have to confess that I was a little bit embarrassed in taking the pic in the middle of the square with lot of person looking at me :oops: :oops:
Dude, don't be drive a Ferrari!! Those people were jealous!! :green:
In about an hour or so I will be meeting the guy who has the TDF Blue 360 Modena. I will tell him about this site and ask if he would like to have his car in the calender.
If we have more than 12 cars...let's see if we can get 18 total and make it an 18 month calender!! :wink:
Or, just have some extra pictures thrown in at the back for gp.
1 - 6 of 92 Posts
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