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2005 Ferrari Forum Calendar

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I want to try and get together pictures of 12 of our forum member Ferraris and see if we can't come up with a Ferrari Forum calendar for 2005. I got with Andrew and he said he'd try and find some pricing info.

One of our cars will be the feature Ferrari each month. Haven't worked out all the details but I was thinking a high quality photo of the car and on the bottom a little caption telling about it. Like for me it would be "1979 Ferrari 308 GTS, Maine USA, Pete04222 on FerrariForum.Net" or something like that. When the weather gets nice I will have my wife take some photos of my car. Thats one month, we need to fill 11 more. Who's in?

I don't want this to just be a calendar with pictures of Ferraris, I've already got one of those. I want a calendar with OUR Ferraris!
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I'll contact Simon and see if he wants to submit his 365 gt4/bb I love the boxer and would love to see his car included.

Thanks for doing alot of the leg work. I can tell everyone this. Uncompressed (RAW) images are the best. So if your camera supports .tiff or some RAW format that is the best option. This will mean large photos but I can figure out a way to channel them to me.

Second thing is how big do you all want this thing? Only sold here on the site? Or do you want to be able to pick it up at your local Wal-Mart/Target or whatever you have around you?
carguy said:
About the would everyone like to see them...just the cars or the cars with the owners posing beside or behind them? Either way is fine, but having the owners in the pics would be very "down to earth" and definately different from every other generic supercar calender out there. Just a thought. I'd like to hear other ideas?
Not a bad idea so lets do both, pics with owners, and pics without.
Ferrariby30orbust said:
i can get some shots of my red 355 spyder by a professional. I was thinking in the winners circle at infineon raceway, a vinyard winery backdrop, or a coastal backdrop. any of these are no more than 30 minuets from my.
Sounds awesome. Contact Pete for details. I'm also going to put together a poster in conjunction with our sponsor Exotic Car Posters.
Stradale said:
Cars only, please. :oops:
Yes we are doing cars only, and try to get a cool background in the photo if possible. Maybe in front of Petronas Tower? If that is even possible.
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