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I recently attended the Chicago Auto Show, the biggest auto display in the United States. I was impressed with the innovation in the automotive industry that has occurred lately. Every contending automotive manufacturer was present displaying their best examples of design and power. McCormick place is the perfect convention center to hold the show at because of its monstrous 2.2 million square feet of exhibit space, only 830,000 being used this year. Automotive manufacturers made 15 new-model releases this year in Chicago compared to 31 at Detroit, 22 at Frankfurt, 11 at Los Angeles. However, Chicago's show is all on one level, compared to Detroit's 3 levels and Chicago's show is also expanding to 1.3 million square feet on one level next year.
Ferrari definitely has some contenders this year, so I included some pictures of them below as well. Ferrari and many of the other imports are tucked in the back, as the expensive space in the front of the show is occupied by Jeep and Toyota. Corvette was there with their new C6 which features a new design and has a resemblance to the Modena in front. Ford was there with the GT, an $140,000 sports car aimed to compete directly with Maranello. Saleen, whose representative we talked with, claimed the 2004 Saleen S7 is the fastest production car in the world. However, I could not believe this statement as the Enzo has insane amounts of power.
Ferrari and Maserati shared a display. Present were the 612 Scaglietti, 575M, Maserati Spyder, Maserati Coupé, and Maserati Quattroporte. All were stunning, but the Quatrroporte was more of a sedan directed at competing with Mercedes S, CL and BMW's 7 series. The kind Italian reps were difficult to get a hold of because of the bustle around the Ferrari display that was not open to the public. The only other manufacturers to do this were Bentley, Saleen, Aston, and Lamborghini. Because of my Ferrari attire, an Italian lady agreed to take pictures of us on the display. She told us that a 360 Modena was there earlier, but a kid whose father was talking to a representative, ran into it with a souvenir and put a sizeable dent in the door panel, so it was taken off of the display. No wonder the display looked sort of empty.
Ferrari also had a Formula 1 car at the show. The 612 Scaglietti was absolutely stunning. The lines were fantastic and the smile made by the headlights and the front grill is wonderful. How else do you expect 4 people to be transported in superluxury at triple-digit speeds? The Maybach, the only real competitor, is ridiculously ugly, ostentatious and exorbitantly more expensive. Lamborghini, had their Gallardo present which is quite comparable to the Murcielago in performance, but is 115 grand cheaper (seems a little crazy right?) They had an anniversary edition there of which only 40 were made. Overall, the show was fantastic. You can sit in 70% of the cars and get a feel for what you like.


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