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The brainchilds of F1 met today to make changes to the way things are done in the world of Formula one.

New rule changes for 2003
A complete run down [29/10/02 - 00:47]

Bernie and Max

The FIA Formula One Commission met in London on Monday to discuss and vote on a number of changes to the way the Formula One championship will be conducted in the future. There are several changes afoot with the main one being to the way qualifying is held, the normal one long Saturday session scrapped in favour of a single- lap format where each driver gets just two chances to set a qualifying time, one on Friday and one on Saturday.

The second major change was to the way points are allocated. Instead of only the top six finishers receiving a reward for their effort, the top eight will be awarded points. Other items were discussed, including the banning of team orders, and the following is a complete run down on the decisions taken.

- There will be two qualifying sessions - Friday and Saturday, both 13.00 - 14.00
- qualifying to be one (only) flying lap for each car, cars to run one at a time
- running order on Friday to follow Championship (previous year at first race), with Championship leader going out first, 2nd in Championship running second, and so on
- running order on Saturday will be determined by the Friday times (which do not count for the grid), so that the fastest on Friday runs last on Saturday, the second fastest second last, and so on.

Practice schedule
This will remain Friday: 11.00 to 12.00 and Saturday: 09.00 to 09.45 and 10.15 to 11.00 (with qualifying from 13.00 to 14.00 both days, as above).

Provided that by 15 December, at least three teams undertake to the FIA not to run more than 10 car-days of private testing between 1 March and 1 November, the teams which have given this undertaking will be able to test at each Event from 09.00 to 11.00 on Friday and may use their spare car and their test driver during this period.

World Championship points
From 2003 points will be awarded down to 8th place on the scale 10:8:6:5:4:3:2:1 (previously to 6th place on the scale 10:6:4:3:2:1).

Team orders
Team orders which interfere with the race result are prohibited.

The 2003 Belgian Grand Prix
In the absence of unanimous agreement by the teams to run at the 2003 Belgian Grand Prix without tobacco advertising, this event has been removed from the World Championship calendar.

Each team will be allowed to use two different dry tyres at each Event, (previously each tyre company could supply only the same two dry tyres to each of its teams). Teams will continue to be limited to 10 sets of dry tyres per Event. Only one type of wet tyre to be used per Event.

Robyn Schmidt, Chief English Editor
CAPSIS International

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I can't believe they actually went ahead and removed Belgium!!!!!! :x :evil: :eek: :(

Belgian Grand Prix off F1 menu
Only 16 races in 2003 [28/10/02 - 20:28

The Belgian Grand Prix will not be part of the 2003 Formula One world championship after teams failed to unanimously agree to run without tobacco advertising. The sport's governing body, the FIA, said in a statement on Monday that next season will go ahead with just 16 Grands Prix following the decision to remove the race at Spa.

"In the absence of a unanimous agreement by the teams to run at the 2003 Belgian Grand Prix without tobacco advertising this event has been removed from the World Championship calendar," the FIA confirmed after a meeting at Heathrow airport.

The Belgian government had refused to make Formula One exempt to new advertising laws. The Belgian GP, one of the favourite circuits among drivers, was won this season by five-time world champion Michael Schumacher.

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Now it is starting to get boring! These artificial attempts to make the races better. Now not the best man wins, but the luckiest man. If the weather changes suddenly, the conditions in qualifying are not the same for everyone. All circuits they will use, are less interesting and overtaking is a pain in the ass (Hungary, Monaco, Nürburgring) and now high speed circuit will be left (except Monza, but for how long? Spa and Hockenheim are gone one way or another)

The only good thing about the rule changes is the point rewarding system. Now the teams like Minardi will score points more regularly.

No, my view is that Ecclestone and co are degrading the sport at the moment and not that it is Ferraris fault. There is too much money involved in the TV rights and merchandise, that Ecclestone can't or won't want to have 'boring' (in dominated by one team) races because it costs him too much! I didn't hear him complain in 1988 when McLaren won almost every race!

And Spa can't generate enough money for him, so he will rather choose a dull circuit that delivers him the money than race at a historic venture.

Man F1 starts to suck :-( and it also starts to look a bit like Nascar: just put in a full course yellow whenever Michael is running to far ahead...

Just my humble opinion,


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My beloved Spa can't go :ex: :ex: :ex:
Those darn politicians over here, why did they had to adjust that law and let it begin 3 years earlier :question:

F1 is loosing it's appeal, in a few years it might be gone, and i'm not sure if i would mind.

I'm starting to like the idea of Ferrari leaving the F1, if they go back to Le Mans then with an LMP for overall DOMINATION :green:

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That's true, but LMP is soooo cool, and i love the looks of the cars

And in my humble opinion i would LOVE to see battle's again on Le Mans like in the 60's and 70's.

Think of it
Ford brings out a new GT40.
So why doesn't Ferrari bring out a new 330 P4, now that would be amazing.
and this time they better build more then 4 cars
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