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New to this forum. I have been doing as much research as I can on the 2002 360 GT track car and have hit only a few sites that have basic specs only.

I have owned a 355 spider, and a couple of 360s and have the opportunity to pick up a 360 GT to play on the track with.

I was trying to figure out what a fair market value would be. It has been easy for me to find the Challenge cars all over the place but the 360 GT seem like there are rare or have very few people who know much about them.

I plan on getting the car on the track to tool around in and have some fun, but was wondering if there is at all a market for them after I am done with it.

The car seems pricy as compared to the Challenge 360s but the specs do speak for themselves.

I would appreciate any information anyone here might have on this production line.

Thanks in adavance!
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