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2 birds with 1 stone!!

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Or should I say 2 horses with 1 stone?
I went by Foreign Cars Italia today and lo-and-behold, they had an F50 sitting in the showroom. :D Soooooo pretty! And the salesman told me the guy who bought it paid cash for it!!! $690,000!! Holy ****!!
But, then after the initial shock of the price being paid in cash...I noticed a TDF Blue 360 Spider with tan int. Very nice combination to my surprise.
Now for the second horse...what, you thought the 360 was it...nope! Sitting in front of the 360 Spider was an intimidating looking black on black 360 with this weird badge across the tail...Challenge Stradale I think it said. :green:
Yep!! A black on black 360 Challenge Stradale and I was in it's presence. Good Lord that car is beautiful! Carbon fiber inside so shinny and the 5 time championship plate; plus the 50 years flags on the center console. Man I wish it was my car.
Pictures will be up tomorrow for those interested! Until then...I eagerly await this coming Saturday as the FCA-SE Region is having a show at V.I.R. and the F50 is expected to be there.
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very good day you had there robert, very good day
360 Spyder said:

(This will be my first official Ferrari event!)
how is that even possible???
my geekyness just gotten really obvious now
Pete04222 said:
Dj Dirk said:
my geekyness just gotten really obvious now
Has it taken this long for you to realize this? :green: :green:
now i'm affraid to list all the stuff i will be attending this year :-? :oops: :green:
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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