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thanks to another 1/43 collector we now have some shots of the new upcoming Ixo Ferrari's, he attended the ALL Japan Plamodel Radicon Show 2004
and here are already 2 pics of the cars, can't wait to finally see them for myself
prices that i've already came across here in europe for them at pre-order are €37


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some more news from the Ixo side since some should be released on the 1st of november
pics are from
and also a listing of the 1st set of cars that will be released in the few months

250 LM
250 TR
288 GTO
312T (Lauda)
360 CS
360 Modena
360 Spider
512 BB
512 BB LM
575 GTC
575 MM
612 Scaglietti
D50 (Fangio)
F2000 (Schumi)
F40 LM

the listing is very impressive and target price is around €37.50
altough i'm not too impressed yet judging by these pics, and yes i do know better that i always need to wait till i get the car actually in my hands


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