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1994 348ts CHALLENGE!

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Interesting car for a very good price. How many were made? Any complaints on the car? I've heard the early 348 series cars had some mechanical and electrical difficulty.

Also, what are the performance specs on the Challenge? How much does it weigh?
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348 tb: 2894 units produced
348 ts: 4228 " "
348 Spider : 1090 " "

I have a buyers guide of the 348, but i'll have to reread it.

Of the challenge, i'm not sure if i have the specs of the car, i'll have to look for it
over here you can buy a 348 tb for 24790 €.
a spyder is about 6190 € more.
I haven't seen a challenge for sale yet
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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