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1994 348 Spider, rosso corsa, crema hide

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Here are a few pics of my pride and joy, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy driving her.



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... and three more pics


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Great car!

Here is a picture of mine. Unfortunately it is not the red one!



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Beautiful car you have. I'm glad to see that you were able to put up with all the BS you had to go through. How does she drive?

the car drives very nicely and I adore it. I took it into work yesterday and you would not believe the reactions you get from people! I had a friend in the car and as we were driving through town someone was madly waving at us.

My friend pointed this guy out and asked me who he was. I didn't know him at all but I waved back anyway, probably made his day!

Later I was reversing up my drive to the garage and a passing motorist started honking his horn. When I looked over he was smiling giving me the thumbs up as he drove past.

I remember some years ago when I hired a yellow 348 spider for the weekend, we were driving out of Birmingham and some young guys (maybe 20 years old) shouted obscenities at us, just because we were youngish guys ourselves driving a nice car with the roof down. I haven't encountered any hostility with the new car yet and hope that I don't.

I haven't "pushed" the Ferrari yet and I doubt I will. With such a powerful car you would be silly to drive it at the limit on the public highway and I'm not really interested in taking it onto the track. I'm also wary of stonechips, I know how easily the paint is damaged and the last owner spent £3,500 GBP getting the paintwork done so there isn't a mark on it anywhere right now. I'm just going to enjoy cruising with the roof down, going to shows and places like Donnington, and maybe the occasional quick blast on an empty road.

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great to hear that you are having fun Justyn
are you planning on taking here to european events?

what event did you goto on zandvoort with your new car?
you don't have it that long

On Sunday I went to Donnington for the big Ferrari / Maserati meeting. I have posted some pics at if you are interested.

I have no plans to go to any European events at the moment. I'll need to see what limit I put on my mileage when I reinsure it. At the moment I have "moved" my limited mileage policy from the 928 I used to have and I have 2 months left before I have to start phoning around to get quotes.

I would love to visit Maranello and the Ferrari museaum though and I also fancy visiting Lamborghini & De Tomaso so maybe a trip through Europe down to Italy might be in the pipeline sometime ....

justynb said:
I'm just going to enjoy cruising with the roof down, going to shows and places like Donnington, and maybe the occasional quick blast on an empty road.
That's what I use my car for!
that's jsut the trip that i want to do next year
visit ferrari, lamborghini and De Tomaso
there should be also 1 or 2 good car museums around there somewhere
As I understand it Ferrari, Lamborghini & De Tomaso all have their own museums and I also believe they put the very last of each model produced into the museum.

I'm not sure how easily accessible they are to the general public though. I suppose turning up in a Ferrari might make access to their museum easier but unless you have a Lambo & Tomaso with you too you might be out of luck with the other museums.

Has anyone here been before?

I suppose a bit of research is needed :)

i've heard that lamborghini is pretty open
maserati is also worht a visit
I have been to the factories of Lamborghini and De Tomaso back in 1997 but it was a trip organized by the Ferrari Club. We were allowed to take pictures everywhere we wanted. Great trip! I do not know if it is hard to get access when you show up. I suggest you contact them and ask.

Dirk, the picture of my car was taken yesterday where the Ferrari Club Nederland held their anual 'driving ability course'. Some 40 Ferraris turned up including a F40, a 575M, a 456M, a US spec 348 TS and a 348 Spider. A brand new Modena got unlucky and ended up with a front bumper damage.

aha, i knew that that event was yesterday, but i had the little problem that i had to work :(
Hi Justyn,
I dont know, another flash git from the midlands eh.
As you'll see, I'm from just up the road from you but I'm afraid I only have a 308GTSi.
Yours does look great. I've also had people wave and clap as I drive by, not the young boy racers though, never mind, they'll grow up one day.
I think you're right when you say you will probably never push the car hard, firstly, our driving licences are too precious to throw away and secondly, you dont need to prove the car, it speaks for itself. (apart from that, more people get a chance to admire when you cruise through town)
Welcome to the forum.
Mick :D
Hi Mick,

you said "I'm afraid I only have a 308GTSi." why do you say that? I like the 308, they may be a little cheaper than the 348 but they are beautiful cars and still Ferraris. Do you have any photos?

Next time there is something going on in this neck of the woods maybe we should meet up and say hello? Did you go over to Donnington the other weekend?


Unfortunately, I dont get to Donington as much as I'd like. I've spent the last couple of weekends changing the exhaust for a full stainless system ( see technical section of forum)
I've posted some pictures in this section (garage) under Happy Birthday to Me.
See what you think. I'm all for getting together over a beer or similar after all we're only about 20 minutes apart.
PS If you send me an e-mail, we can get in touch to arrange something.
Best regards.
Hi Mick,

I have seen the pics of your car and your new exhaust before, I just didn't make the connection!

We will definitely have to meet up, I'm away on holiday next week but we'll have to arrange something when I'm back. It should be a good photo opportunity too :D

Are there any other owners in the East Mids area here fancy meeting up?

Are you in the FOC Mick? They have an East Mids group based in Nottingham, maybe they have an event coming up soon? (I haven't gotten around to joining the club just yet).

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Hi Justyn,

To be honest, I haven't joined any owners clubs. I find that being self employed, I very rarely have the opportunity to attend meetings, track days or other activities. I also dont have the bottomless pockets that some of the trips require.
I just love my Ferrari, consider myself lucky to have realised a dream and actually own one and I like meeting people like yourself who share a similar passion. Did you watch the series TV series Dream Machines? I've been in touch with the guy that won the 308GTB (Mark) and I reckon he would be up for a mini get together. He's based in Kettering so not too far apart.
I'm also on holiday next week and will be back on 21st so we must do something while the summer is here.
Look forward to talking soon.
Mick :lol:

I hope you had a nice holiday! When you get back drop me a line and we'll see if the 3 of us can arrange to meet up somewhere for a pint / chat / photos etc.

I looked at the map, the "epicentre" for the 3 of us would be Loughborough (don't really know it very well) or we could maybe head into the peak district and find a scenic little country pub or something?

I have various guide books at home, I'll see what I can find. Anyone else interested in coming along or are we the only 2 FCar Owners in the East Mids on here?

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