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1990 Ferrari 348ts converstion to 355

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I'm just curious to know if anyone knows how to convert a 348ts or spyder to a 355. also the cost of a full conversion of the door's, rear lights, and body kit?? If anyone can help me out with this I would appreciate it.
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For the most part they all bolt right up (door skins, rear grill, etc) because the two are pretty if not entirely interchangeable regarding the body. Every once in awhile on Ebay someone comes along with a 348 converted to 355 style. I would assume cost would be based on the price you could get these parts off a 355 (maybe TRutlands, ferrari parts exchange, dennis mccann, etc could help with that; dealership would be pretty costly).
348 Conversion

Another place to try is Italian Design & Racing. Butch Hooper 480-968-0421.
Wouldn't this kind of hurt the value of the car when resale comes in to play?
IMHO keeping it original is better. But that's just me.
This is an old thread so might not be relevant today. However, based on prices of 355's these days, I would think it would be cheaper to trade up from a 348 to 355 rather than sourcing the parts and paying the labour charges to convert, and then taking into account the car is still a 348 and won't be worth as much as a 355. I wouldn't bother, the 348 isn't that bad, I could quite easily live with one.
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