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1982 308GTSi

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I just bought this car from an auction (I know that's a sketchey gamble), and it has 45k miles on it. I'm going to swap out all the fluids, and was wondering if any of you use anything like Slick 50 or Dura Lube? Also, is there some way to tell when the timing belts were replaced last? There is no history for the car and I plan on doing a lot of the scheduled maintenence now, but I don't want to do anything that will keep me from enjoying the vehicle now. It also has 15" Borrani wire wheels; does anyone know what these are worth? I'd like to replace them with the 16" QV wheels.

To the moderators of the group: This is a great forum, but have you ever considered making seperate sections for different cars, or maybe just a V-8 section and a V-12 section?

Thanks for all the help.
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Welcome to the forum FerrariGuy

Congrats with your purchase, is this your first purchase??
about the technical side, i'm sure that Peter or Magoo can help you out with you questions.

BTW you got original Borrani's unther a 308??
man that must look great
got some pics?
Welcome to the site. I will consider your idea as the site grows but at this time I'm not sure its big enough for such a need.
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