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1981 308 GTSi front end damage

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I live in South Africa, and have a 1981 308 GTSi. It is Rosso with Crema, has 55,000 kms and unfortunately a bent nose! I had my first ever accident and messed the front up pretty badly. The damage is purely superficial and there is absolutely no chassis damage. The damage is only from the front indicator lights forward but the bonnet (hood) also needs replacement.

My question is whether the whole front "clip" must be replaced or whether the damaged front portion can be cut off and replaced from a donor car. The latter scenario is preferable to me as the car is with the agents (the only Ferrari approved panel shop) and if the whole clip and related parts must be replaced, the car will more than likely end up an economic write-off. It would be terrible to have this scenario as the car is actually driveable (not very pretty though) and is a very good example. There is a donor car available locally that burned out but still has the front end intact.

Any advice in this regard will be greatly appreciated
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Welcome to the site. Is there anychance you can add a photo of the damage so we can fully understand what it looks like. It will depend on where the welds are and if the car needs rewelding.

The 308's front indicator lights are all the way up in the very front so it would be easy to just replace that bumper surrounding them. Or do you mean the front indicator light that is located on the quarter-panel just in front of the front tires?
Picture of crashed 308

I have attached a picture of the damage.

Thanks for the asistance.


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I'm not a technical guy, so I can't help you with the damage, but is that yellow 365 GTB/4 also yours? :roll:
No, unfortunately not - the pic of my car is taken at the local Ferrari agents. The Daytona's most likely being restored
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