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cls12vg30 said:
What I've had trouble finding out is the exact sizes of the tube and sending unit. I'm pretty sure the tube is 27mm. Once we find out the size of the sensor we've just got to get the appropriate wrenches, since the biggest I have is 18mm.
When I don't have a particular wrench I check with the local Harbor Freight store... They ususally have a good selection and at reasonable prices.

You should have a Harbor Freight store at 3302 Capital Blvd. in Raleigh NC: phone 919-876-2023

If you have a good selection of SAE wrenches: If my math is correct

19mm = .74803 inches so try a 3/4" open end for the 19mm if it does't fit tight on the sensor,you may not wish to use the 3/4" if the sensor is really tight

27mm = 1.06299 inches so try a 1 and 1/16" open end wrench for the 27mm if it doesn't fit tight on the joint of the tube, you may not wish to use the 1 and 1/16' if the joint is really tight.

Keep us posted with your progress

Best wishes
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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