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1980 Ferrari 308 GTSi

Hey guys.... I'm new to this forum..... I'm really close to buying one too....
I'm buying from a exotic car dealer... Its being sold by a ferrari mechanic. He seems really creditible... 37 years on the job... He showed all the service papers.. All the work done by him since it was bought from him... It showed about 35,000 usd spent on the service done a few months ago.. The owner moved out of the states so he priced it at 28,000 usd... I just looked at it this morning.. The engine is clean, interior is almost perfect, exterior is has a few sctraches(only if you really get close).. It only has about 18,000 miles on it... So guys... what do you guys think?... I'm planning to buy this Monday...... thanks
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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